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Mar 19, 2019
Millennials are the largest group of first-time buyers - and harder working, doing more research during the home-search process than older generations
Mar 14, 2019
Rent prices grew on an annual basis at their highest rate since April, after decreasing for the first time in six years last fall
Mar 12, 2019
Codes, zoning and infrastructure are more impactful than government-supported insurance policies, according to panel of economists and real estate experts
Mar 11, 2019
After less than a year, Zillow Offers is now available in eight markets across the U.S. and receives a request for an offer every 5 minutes
Mar 7, 2019
The power is shifting toward buyers in California markets - but high prices still make it difficult to afford a home
Mar 5, 2019
Homeowners in Los Angeles and renters in the largest Florida metros have the least cash left over after paying for housing
Feb 26, 2019
Despite slowing home-value growth and a pickup in inventory, the San Francisco and San Jose markets remain the hottest and most seller-friendly, though the winds are rapidly shifting
Feb 21, 2019
Residents of neighborhoods with lower home values say they have worse access to high-quality education, while access to basic resources is considered equal across communities
Feb 19, 2019
Homes listed in the first half of May sell for a premium, and nearly a week faster
Feb 14, 2019
After almost four years of year-over-year declines, for-sale inventory has grown on an annual basis four out of the past five months, albeit at a slow pace.