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Aug 27, 2014
Steve Allen and Chris Kiel to help Zillow continue building lasting relationships with industry partners
Aug 26, 2014
More than one-third of mortgaged homeowners have “effective negative equity,” or less than 20 percent equity in their home, according to a Zillow analysis
Aug 21, 2014
Renting is currently more expensive than ever in many areas, according to Zillow, making it difficult for renters to save for a down payment on a home
Aug 18, 2014
Zillow awarded gold medal in large company category for second consecutive year
Aug 15, 2014
Homeowners turned landlords are most profitable in Oklahoma City, Okla. in short-term profit; San Jose, Calif., in the long-term profit, according to a Zillow Rentals Analysis
Aug 7, 2014
Home shoppers can now receive pre-approval while standing at the door of their future home
Aug 1, 2014
Program allows MLS to send real-time listings directly to Zillow on behalf of participating brokerages
Aug 1, 2014
Rising mortgage interest rates expected to have negative impact on number of home sales; Pace of home value growth to slow through 2018, according to Zillow Home Price Expectations Survey
Jul 28, 2014
Combination of companies sets stage to offer more real estate tools and services that empower consumers and drive more business for real estate professionals