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Aug 25, 2016
Home Values Rise for 48th Straight Month

National home values appreciated for the 48th straight month this July to a Zillow Home Value Indexi (ZHVI) of $187,300, according to the Zillow® Real Estate Market Reportsii. Home values are up...

Aug 18, 2016
Five Years into Housing Recovery, Negative Equity Still Affects more than 1 in 10 Homeowners

Both urban and suburban communitiesi have a significant share of homeowners in negative equity five years into the recovery, according to the second quarter Zillow® Negative Equity Reportii....

Aug 12, 2016
Many Big-City Renters Earn Enough to Buy

Across the country's largest rental markets, almost 14 percent of on-market renters have strong credit scores, relatively high incomes and could afford to buy the median home in their market. As...

Aug 10, 2016
Experts: New Jobs in the Midwest to Drive Migration Back to the Heartland

As businesses look for cheaper places to expand, job growth in the middle of the country will begin attracting more residents, according to experts surveyed in the latest Zillow® Home Price...

Aug 2, 2016
Rising Sea Levels Threaten to Put Nearly 2 Million U.S. Homes Underwater

Nearly 2 million U.S. homes would be lost if the oceans rise by six feet as scientists expect by the year 2100, according to a new Zillow® analysis. The endangered homes represent just under two...

Jul 28, 2016
Rents Rising Fastest Among Low-End Apartments

Median rent for the least expensive multifamily rental homes is rising faster than median rent overall, and only a small portion of all new apartments is at the low endi, according to the latest...

Jul 22, 2016
Homes Selling Fast Amid Low Supply

Homes are selling an average of a week faster than they did a year ago, meaning home shoppers should be prepared to move quickly in a competitive housing market, according to the June Zillow®...

Jul 13, 2016
Since the Bust, Foreclosed Homes Have Boomed

Homes that were foreclosed during the housing crisis have gained almost twice as much value as other homes, according to a new Zillow® analysis. But the original owners of those homes have not...

Jul 11, 2016
Mortgage Payments Least Affordable for Low-Income Earners

People with low incomes spend nearly 23 percent of their income on monthly mortgage payments, compared to high-income earners, who spend 11.5 percent of their income on monthly house payments,...

Jul 8, 2016
Refinance Dominates Mortgage Applications in the Aftermath of Brexit

Mortgage rates have dropped to historical lows in the wake of Britain's decision to exit the European Union, and have sparked a surge of mortgage applications. Refinance mortgage requests on...

Jun 29, 2016
Millennials Most Likely to Live Alone in Richmond and Pittsburgh

More millennials live alone in Richmond, Va. than in any other major U.S. metro, according to a recent Zillow® analysisi. In Richmond, 15 percent of millennials live alone, followed by 14 percent...

Jun 24, 2016
Entry-Level Prices Continue to Soar while Top of the Market Stabilizes

The bottom third of the housing market has grown increasingly competitive, with fewer price cuts on listed homes and faster growing home values than more expensive homes, according to the May...

Jun 23, 2016
Homes with White Kitchens Sell for $1,400 Less than Homes with Yellow Kitchens

A home's paint colors can have a notable impact on its final sale price. According to a new analysis from Zillow Digs, for-sale listings with rooms painted in sage green or wheat yellow can sell...

Jun 16, 2016
Concrete Coffee Tables, Teak Furniture and Aquamarine Accent Colors Named Top Outdoor Patio Trends for Summer 2016

Today, Zillow Digs® announced the top outdoor living trends for 2016 and the three biggest fads to ditch from 2015. Concrete coffee tables, teak chairs or dining sets and bright, aquamarine...

Jun 15, 2016
San Antonio and Nashville Named Sweet Spots for Homeownership

San Antonio is the sweet spot for homeownership, according to Zillow's latest analysis. San Antonio is a market with strong income growth, a growing job market, and a place where you can break...

Jun 15, 2016
Renters on Zillow Have Competitive Edge with New Renter Profile

In many markets across the country, renters face stiff competition and are under incredible pressure to act quickly when searching for a new home. Now, with the addition of a new feature called...

Jun 8, 2016
As the Housing Market Recovers, Negative Equity Concentrates in the Rust Belt

As the housing market continues to recover, homeowners who are underwater on their mortgages are increasingly concentrated in the Rust Belt, while West Coast homeowners are less likely to be in...

Jun 8, 2016
Zillow Boosts Accuracy with Update to Zestimate Algorithm

Zillow, the leading real estate information and home-related marketplace, today launches an update to the Zestimate® algorithm, improving accuracy across the country. Today's update will improve...

May 24, 2016
Low Inventory Pushing Up Home Values More Quickly than Expected

Home values are appreciating faster than experts expected, rising almost 5 percent over the past year, according to the April Zillow® Real Estate Market Reportsi. There are 3.4 percent fewer...

May 18, 2016
Survey: Economists expect smooth sailing for the housing market - unless Trump or Sanders wins

A presidential win for presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump or Democratic candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) would negatively impact the housing market and overall economic outlook for...

May 5, 2016
More Millennials Living with Mom

More millennials age 24-34 live with their momsi than at any time in the last decade, according to Zillow's latest analysisii. In the U.S., 21 percent of 24-34 year olds live with their moms, a...

May 4, 2016
Home Buyers Spend More Time Researching a Car Purchase than Their Home Loan

A home purchase is one of the largest investments most people make in their lifetime, yet on average, Americans spend just 8 hours researching their home loan, and obtain just four quotes from...

Apr 27, 2016
Indianapolis and Pittsburgh Named Best Markets for First-Time Home Buyers

Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, and Memphis, Tenn. are the best markets for first-time home buyers right now, Zillow announced today. Cleveland, Chicago, Houston, and Birmingham, Ala. also made the top 10.

Apr 22, 2016
First-Time Buyers Face Lack of Inventory and Higher Prices

Home values are rising the fastest among entry-level homes in more than half of the largest U.S. housing markets, according to first quarter Zillow® Real Estate Market Reports.i Rising home...

Apr 12, 2016
Homes with 'Subway Tiles,' 'Barn Doors' or 'Farmhouse Sinks' Can Sell for Up to 13 Percent More and 60 Days Faster

Why do some homes sell for a premium? In addition to timing, a home's listing description can have a significant impact on its final sale price. Listings mentioning keywords like "barn door,"...

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