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Bold Color Schemes, Farmhouse Chic Elements Fall from Style in 2019

Simplified industrial touches softened by handmade details will lead home design trends

Jan 22, 2019

SEATTLE, Jan. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- A modern aesthetic, with clean and simple industrial materials, leads 2019's interior design trends, according to the Zillow® Home Trend Forecast. Organic and handmade elements like natural wall coverings or wooden side tables add warmth, and soften the effects of industrial materials like concrete or metals.

"The overtly rustic, farmhouse chic design trend is easing up," said Zillow Design Expert Kerrie Kelly. "It may not be gone altogether, but it's shifting toward a more modern style, pairing rustic elements like barn doors with modern materials like glass or metal. Exposed lightbulbs will be concealed once again, softening the harsher light of an exposed bulb to a warmer glow. Smart home products will gain popularity, matched by an equal rise in calm, meditative spaces for a way to disconnect."

Top Design Trends for 2019:

Warm modernism. Look for modern styles to replace rustic themes. Stark contrast and raw materials will be popular, softened by color and natural elements.

Industrial vibes. Concrete and metal will rise in popularity, but finishes in moody blues and grays can add an extra layer of distinction.  

Organic maker accents. Industrial materials can give a cold impression, but handmade details and earthy elements add warmth to the look. Look for hand-painted or stitched pieces, and natural fibers in rugs or wall hangings.

Smart home technology. More voice-activated products will be seamlessly integrated into the home, helping homeowners simplify their daily routines. This technology will be especially visible in kitchens, with smart faucets and other appliances.

Space to disconnect. In such a connected, always-on landscape, designated havens of quiet and calm will be more common. Acoustic panels, sheer fabrics and colored lights create a tranquil feel.

Trends to Leave in 2018:

Overly rustic design. Farmhouse chic design won't disappear entirely, but more modern glass and metal will replace reclaimed wood. Bright, unshielded Edison lightbulbs will be shaded, easing the harsh light to a softer glow.

Bold, trendy color schemes. Bright and bold colors stand out in designer showrooms, but can be overwhelming to live with. Subtle and classic color palettes, featuring earth tones and cool blues, will replace them.

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