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For interview requests, please contact the Zillow Media Relations team at press@zillow.com. Additional information about the Zillow Management Team can be found here.


Rich Barton

Chief Executive Officer

Rich Barton has a long history of founding and advising successful companies, with a focus on those that bring “power to the people” by innovating on behalf of the consumer. Rich co-founded Zillow in 2005 and was its CEO until 2010, when he became the company’s executive chairman. Before Zillow, Rich founded Expedia within Microsoft in 1994 and successfully spun the company out as a public company in 1999. Rich served as president, CEO and board director of Expedia from 1999 until 2003. He also co-founded and served as non-executive chairman of Glassdoor from its 2007 creation through its acquisition in 2018.

Rich was a venture partner at Benchmark, a venture capital firm that has been an early-stage investor in companies like Netflix, Instagram, WeWork and Zillow, from 2005 until 2018. He has served on many public company boards, and continues to be a board director for Netflix, where he has served since 2002; Qurate, a holding company that runs several digital commerce businesses and was formerly called Liberty Interactive Corp., since 2016; Artsy, an online collection and resource for art collectors, since 2017; and Zillow Group. He holds a B.S. in General Engineering: Industrial Economics from Stanford University.

Svenja Gudell

Chief Economist

Dr. Svenja Gudell is the chief economist of Zillow Group. Svenja runs the industry-leading economic research team at Zillow, a recognized voice of impartial, data-driven economic analysis on the U.S. housing market.  Svenja can offer deep insight into real estate data, trends and economic issues, both nationally and locally.

Dr. Stan Humphries

Chief Analytics Officer

Dr. Stan Humphries is the chief analytics officer of Zillow Group. Stan oversees the company’s financial planning and analysis, corporate strategy, economic research, data science and engineering, marketing and business analytics, and pricing analytics. Stan also serves as chief economist for Zillow Group and can offer insight into real estate data and economic issues, housing policy; as well as how big data is shaping the future and changing how we create, consume and distribute information. In 2015, Stan co-wrote and published his first book, the New York Times Best Seller “Zillow Talk: Rewriting the Rules of Real Estate.” 

Jeremy Wacksman

Chief Operating Officer, Zillow

Jeremy Wacksman is the Chief Operating Officer of Zillow. Jeremy leads Zillow Group's business, product, operations, engineering, industry and brokerage licensing teams. In this role, Jeremy focuses on the Zillow 2.0 vision for the future of real estate, building a seamless customer experience across Zillow's products and services. He can share the company's challenges and successes building the Zillow brand into a household name, growing the Zillow audience, and building innovative products that delight millions of consumers. As a mobile first innovator, he can also provide insights for engaging discussion on where the overall mobile industry is headed.