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2019 Archives

Jan 17, 2019
Once launched, sellers in these five markets will be able to request a cash offer from Zillow to buy their home
Jan 17, 2019
Nearly all of the nation's largest housing markets saw the share of new construction homes with price cuts increase between the beginning and end of 2018
Jan 15, 2019
San Jose claims the top spot for the second straight year, but Southern markets with growing tech economies make up half of the top-10 list of the hottest housing markets this year
Jan 14, 2019
With the opening of its second North Carolina market today, Zillow Offers is now available in six markets in the U.S.
Jan 10, 2019
The winning team beat nearly 4,000 teams from around the world and bested a Zillow benchmark model
Jan 10, 2019
An expert panel predicts the homeownership rate - led by first-time buyers - will climb above the historic norm within five years, despite rising interest rates.
Jan 9, 2019
For buyers entering the housing market for the first time, the median household income isn't enough, according to a new report
Jan 8, 2019
The federal government shutdown also impacts thousands of potential home buyers trying to secure loans, especially those with the least means
Jan 3, 2019
The United States housing market has gained nearly $11 trillion since bottoming out in 2012; California's housing market got $3.7 trillion of it