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Zillow.comĀ® Launches Suite of Tools for Advertisers to Target Homeowners in Ways Never Before Possible

Zillow Home Direct Ads offers advertisers the ability to reach homeowners on a home by home basis, at the right moment of purchasing intent

Oct 30, 2007

SEATTLE, Oct. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading real estate Web site today announced the launch of Zillow® Home Direct Ads, a new set of patent-pending tools that enables advertisers to identify and connect online with homeowners who are on the verge of making major home-related purchases such as moving or updating the home they currently own.

The sophisticated toolset capitalizes on Zillow's most compelling asset: data-rich, individual Web pages for more than 70 million U.S. homes that attract regular visits by the homeowners themselves. Zillow Home Direct Ads helps advertisers target ads to these homeowners by individual address, by value of their home, by psychographic cluster such as urban families with children, or even by whether they are planning to move. This type of intent and address-specific targeting has never before been available for advertisers online.

"What we're offering advertisers is pin point accuracy on the purchasing intentions of homeowners, including the ability to forecast that they are highly likely to move or remodel well before they start the process," said Greg Schwartz, Zillow vice president of ad sales. "Our advertisers can target ads down to the specific address or home value, or learn other facts about the neighborhood and locality that will allow them to tailor ads directly to this audience. As a result, advertisers are more successful, and the ads that Zillow users see on the site are immensely more meaningful and interesting to them."

Some of the Zillow Home Direct Ads targeting products include:

-- Home and Geographic Targeting: Advertisers can target their online ads to visitors of a specific home's page on Zillow, much like an offline direct mail campaign. Advertisers can specify addresses, streets or ZIP codes.

-- Zestimate Value Targeting: Knowing the Zestimate™ values of individual homes, advertisers can choose to show their ads to specific home-value bands, by individual home or by neighborhood.

-- Move Predictor: Because of Zillow's extensive data on homes for sale and traffic activity around a home's page views, Zillow can predict whether a household may be moving. This allows advertisers such as cable providers, financial institutions or home improvement stores to reach homeowners before purchase decisions around the move are made.

-- Psychographic Clusters: Advertisers can specify for their creative to be shown to households composed of any of the 65 psychographic clusters defined by the U.S. Census data, such as suburban households with children or high-income urban singles.

One of the most-visited U.S. real estate sites on the Web, Zillow regularly attracts more than four million unique visitors a month. Nearly 90 percent of Zillow visitors own a home, and more than two-thirds (71 percent) plan to buy or sell real estate in the next two years. Zillow's audience is the most affluent among real estate, home and financial Web sites, with an average household income of approximately $90,000 a year(1).

Zillow Home Direct Ads is built for large advertisers interested in personalizing and localizing their online ad campaigns. Zillow also has self-service Zillow® EZ Ads, created for local and individual advertisers who want to quickly and easily create and buy ads to be shown in specific ZIP codes.

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