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Home Values in Top U.S. Metropolitan Areas Continue to Rise

Southern Region Significantly Outpaces National Rate of Growth

Nov 7, 2006

Seattle – November 8, 2006—Most homeowners in the top U.S. metropolitan areas are still seeing a healthy year-over-year appreciation on their home values, despite a recent cooling throughout the nation, according to a series of home value reports from™. This appreciation is measured by the Zindex™ home value indicator, which measures the value of all homes in an area (not just those that sold). Despite a decline in values in many regions over the past quarter, home values are up by 4.8 percent year-over-year in the 36 regions studied by Zillow. The exception to this trend was in the Boston, Hartford, Cincinnati, Minneapolis, Sacramento and San Diego metropolitan areas, which actually experienced a slight year-over-year decline. “4.8 percent is considered healthy appreciation growth by most standards, but is a dramatic difference from the double-digit year-over-year growth homeowners in many areas of the country came to expect over the past several years,