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Greater Seattle Area Home Value Appreciation Slows Slightly During Q3 but Continues to Significantly Outpace the National Market, Says Zillow.comâ„¢ Home Values Report

Snohomish County leads the pack with 20 percent appreciation year-over-year

Nov 7, 2006

Seattle – November 8, 2006— Despite a national slowdown, Seattle-area home values continued to rise at an aggressive 15.6 percent year-over-year rate in the second quarter, triple the national average, according to’s quarterly home values report. Home value appreciation is down slightly from the second quarter’s year-over-year appreciation rate of 18.5 percent for the greater Seattle Metropolitan area (King, Snohomish, Pierce, Kitsap, Thurston and Island Counties). This appreciation is measured by the Zindex™ home value indicator, which measures the value of all homes in an area (not just those that sold). Snohomish County showed the highest Zindex appreciation for the quarter, with 20 percent growth year-over-year, followed by Thurston County (17 percent), King County (16.1 percent), Pierce County (15.7 percent) and Kitsap County (13.5 percent). “The greater Seattle area is still appreciating at a very healthy rate of 15.6 percent year-over-year, only slightly off its rate of 18.5 percent in the prior quarter and 17.4 percent in the first quarter of this year,